Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brain Break-Splurt

Warning this game is extremely silly and can cause fits of giggles from your students. I will be honest there is not much educational value in this game. Students aren't learning great insights into improvisation or acting. This gme does help students work on their concentration skills. It helps teach kids to adjust to changing circumstances and be aware of their surroundings, but really this game is just to give the kids a break and have fun. Depending on your class you might have to referee the game. I tell them that my call is final.

Have the class form a large circle in the room. Make sure you can see everyone clearly from the center. Choose one person to be "it." This is the person who gets to spin in the center choosing the people. 

Here is how each round is played (it sounds much more difficult than it it). It spins in the circle and stops picking someone at random. The person "it" chooses must duck down. The two people standing on either side of the chosen person must look at each other. The first person to say "Splurt!" Wins (the looser must sit in their spot. (This game goes quickly so students should have the opportunity to stand again in a few seconds). The person who ducks can stand back up once Splurt is shouted. 

The game continues until you have three people left. I then choose one of the three to be the new "it" and the game starts over. A couple of notes, kids need to pay close attention to who is out in each round. Once a person is out you have to keep looking around the circle to find the next standing person. This means that two kids on opposite sides of a circle might be saying spurt to each other if everyone between them is out. 

Take a look at a couple of examples of some "monsters" playing this game for more explanation. I hope you enjoy this game. Did it work for your students? Did they have fun playing it?

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