Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stage directions battleship

So for the week before spring break, which always happens to be crazy, I decided to adapt a game I saw on Pinterest for theatre. The original game was a musical note battle ship Check it out here!. It looked like so much fun that I thought my students could benefit from it as well. The kids loved it and it was great to play a game right before the break!

Set up

For each board you need two Manila folders and eight tokens (2  of four colors). Once I had the boards made I reused them for each class but you could have them create their own to take home.

First staple the two folders together so that one side can stand while the other side is flat on the ground (see picture). Then you or the students need to label the parts of the stage. This is a great time to talk about the difference between stage directions and house directions.

Rules of the game.

Player one goes first. Player one places four tokens (one from each color) anywhere on the board. The only rule is you can only have one token per space. Player two must then use stage directions to guess  how the director arranged the stage. 
"Is the red token down stage right"
"Is the blue token center stage?" 

When player two correctly guesses where a token is placed, player two places the corresponding token on his board (blue center stage) 

Player two continues to guess until they figure out player one's stage picture. Once the stages match, they game flips and it becomes player two's turn to direct and design the stage picture.

Advanced play

No horizontal or vertical lines (talk about how directors try to avoid straight lines on stage so they can't have straight lines on the board)
Two per square (allow two people to share the same space)
Script based (stage picture must be based off a script)


I feel like there is a way to play this same game and teach foot positions (profile, full front etc) I am working on it!

This spring break I am going to try and create a cute board and standing people to use with the game to make it more realistic. Check back later to see the final result!

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